8/17/18 Update

New Stuff + Tweaks:
-Opening tutorial segment overhauled to better introduce new players; it's a great time to show the game to a friend!
-Environmental design revamped in all levels to support a more open and vibrant experience!
-Big, immersive, 3D sound update: most sounds that used to be “flat” are now spatialized and attenuated
-Updated function and visuals of the fall projection system
-Updated hip marker system
-Big update to look and placement of flowers in all levels!
-Checkpoint Bot has a new look!
-Bonus room backgrounds overhauled to be out-of-this world!
-Kill plane/death grid looks more dangerous!
-Made the poles and rails in level 1 easier to climb on
-Made the poles and rails in level 2’s second bonus room easier to climb on
-Misc art tweaks

Bug fixes:
-Global leaderboards should now work in all levels again (we dun goofed; sorry!)
-Shooting enemies with fire launcher no longer provides burn ball ammo
-Burn balls no longer pass through enemies you’re close to; no more "What?! I totally hit that!"

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