2/15/19 Update

My oh my, it’s been some time! We may have been quiet for a while, but we’ve been adding some awesome new stuff and making fixes and upgrades all over the place! Here's the exciting new state of Don't Look Down:

Big new things:
-Get SCRAP (Standard Currency: Robot-Acquired Parts) to unlock cosmetics! Earn SCRAP by beating new levels and bonus rooms, by speedrunning levels, and by smashing bots!
-Art upgrades all around: overworlds, level backgrounds, skies, even the breakable walls!
-Fancy new pause menu: it's a pocket dimension with grabbable orbs!
-Dynamic hand animations that respond to the parts of the controller you're touching!
-Overworlds show how many stars you have, and level orbs show how many stars you need to unlock them

Smaller new things:
-Checkpoint bot tilts up and down to look atcha!
-Paths of moving holds are marked, like bots and hazards
-Hazard Holds flash before they become hazardous (who doesn’t like conveyance?)
-Lava jets make sound
-Added visual flair to the inactively climbing hand in one-handed climbing mode
-You totally can’t smash or shoot the birds, because that would be evil of us. Nope.

-Tweaks to hold/enemy layouts in various levels and bonus rooms
-Flame Launcher projectile moves forward faster
-Fixed some bad bonus room respawn locations
-Fixed a bug where the manual jetpack would jerk you in weird directions at the end of your flight
-Game no longer crashes if your head is in a wall when you enter a level
-Player can no longer bump their head into or land on certain holds
-Vertical rails/ropes no longer go jet black

That's all for now, folks! We'll see you at the next update.
-Catapult Games

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