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Hey everyone,

As we are in the final phase of development for our VR climbing platformer, we've decided to rerelease the first zone as a free demo. This contains the first 5 levels of the game with substantial upgrade to the gamefeel, art, and other key aspects. If you previously played the alpha, I think you find that this version is a lot more accessible and polished.

If you enjoy the free demo, please consider buying the beta or adding the full version to your wishlist on Steam:

Don't Look Down is a VR game where you can climb up and around various obstacles while battling robots. You built a robot named Gearheart and he betrayed you, sending out an army of killer robots to stop you from returning. Can you defeat his robots and save the world?


Catapult Games


Don't Look Down - Demo 533 MB
Feb 04, 2019

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