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We're back, itch! The official demo for the full version of Don't Look Down is out, and we wanted to share it with the community that made our alpha and beta their #1 VR game!

  • Enjoy two unique levels that show off the fun of the core gameplay and give a glimpse of the cool stuff you'll see in the full game!
  • See where you place on the online leaderboards!
  • Use the ghost racing system to race against your best times or the fastest player times in the world on each level!
  • Preview the Customization Shop and Difficulty Mods that you unlock with S.C.R.A.P!

If you enjoy the demo, you should check out the full game on Steam for even more climbing and bot-smashing action!

Smash and shoot robots, fling past hazards, and dash through hidden rooms. Can you save the world from the robot that you created?

Don't Look Down combines the immersive motion of VR climbing with engaging level design inspired by classic platformers. 

Achieve glory by flinging your way to the top times on the online leaderboards or climb more deliberately to find hidden secrets

You can smash robots as soon as you grab them, or you can throw them at distant enemies to take them both out. You can even grab a robot, fling one-handed towards another enemy, and then smash them into each other!

Playable on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. 

PSVR and Oculus Quest port coming in 2019.

We are looking to team up with Twitch and YouTube influencers. Contact Dane at Business@CatapultGamesVR.com if you're interested in exclusive content.

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***By downloading this game, you consent to collection of anonymous play data. (Without this, we can't have the online leaderboard.) You also agree to use this download solely for your personal, non­commercial purposes. For commercial uses, find us on Springboard VR.***


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i like the game it's fun 


Steam release is broken. This demo works just fine but if you plan to get the full game be aware that at least on the index you may not be able to get past the main menu.


Hey there i work with the creator of SideQuest Shane Harrison, the growing platform for testing, sales and distribution of Oculus Quest content www.SideQuestVR.com i had noticed Don't Look Down is already planned to be ported  to work on the Quest in the future and wanted to extend an olive branch, If you are interested you can easily submit a demo of your game on SideQuest and use us as a public beta testing ground to get your game out there as well as easily update it for users and obtain their feedback, You may also even sell your game directly through us using Itch.io's  system if you desire. More then a few games have started on SideQuest and moved on to be accepted by Oculus themselves for official release, others put of clever tech demos and others still put up entire games and continue to grow and sell them on us and we would love to have you, I do hope you can consider using us when you decide to start testing at the very least and if you are curious about the submission process or SideQuest its self at all you can learn about us more on our official page at https://github.com/the-expanse/SideQuest/wiki/How-To-Submit-Games
In any case whatever you decide i wish you a good game and the best wishes Catapult Studio.

Fun demo, I'm considering buying in the future once I've saved up enough.

Will you release on Quest via Itch.io/Sidequest if Oculus doesn't approve of the game for their store?


port to quest?

this is a great game, and I payed for it about 4 months ago. now, I got a new computer, and I press download, but it says "No Download Available" Please Help. Thanks

Glad you like the game! Please email me directly at Business@CatapultGamesVR.com with the email you used to make the purchase and I will make sure you get access to a download

Thank You so much for the help. the game is great and I can't wait to play it more. Keep up the good work :D

Worst demo EVER! Couldn't get past choosing which comfort mode I wanted in the tutorial as there is no rainbow orb to grab to continue the tutorial. I had to grab the skip tutorial orb and then there were no orbs to select any levels. Restarted the game and the tutorial is still broken, managed to get the level select orbs this time after skipping the tutorial but when I selected the settings orb, it just showed the background with no orbs or menus or anything!!! Demo broke again. I can't be bothered trying this for a third time. Please can you either fix the demo or take it down so other people don't end up in game setup hell like I did.


Bad news: There is a bug exclusive to the first time you play the game where zone warp orbs don't appear after watching the opening story images, blocking your progress.

Good news: Just close and re-open the game and the orbs will be there! You will be able to enjoy Don't Look Down in all its glory.

I would but I don't have access to my PC ATM. Though, it turns out that the crashing has nothing to do with this game.

oculus vr kept crashing while playing, but when it was working it was really fun :)

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Thanks for telling us about this and I'm glad you had fun! Do you mind telling me what the specs are on your PC?


This is one of the BEST VR games I've ever seen! Please at least try it out!

Itch desktop app says "not available on windows" - check your publish settings?


Hi andybak, thanks for bringing this to our attention! I think I fixed it, let me know if that problem still occurs.

  1. First i think it would improve game play if the "Death Fence" below you didn't immediately kill you but instead if you fell through it and then hit the ground it would then kill you so even if you fell through it then you caught on to something you would still be alive.

The reason we made the death grid is to show the player how far they can fall before they will die. We could increase the maximum fall distance if it seems too harsh, but I think the grid serves a useful visual purpose. Also, there isn't always ground beneath you (eg. when you're climbing over a chasm). What is your other feedback?

Ok I played for a bit and enjoyed it but i did have a few problems with it and before i say anything I don't want to come off as an asshole and every thing I'm about to say is to notify you of bugs and stuff i truly think would improve your game

Btw how many people are working on this game

We currently have 4 devs working on the game. Chris is the lead coder and designer, Kolel is the art director, Jake is a level designer, and I am doing some game design, but mainly business development.



Seems pretty cool. I'm downloading it now.

Hey, DizzDot played your game!!

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Always happy to get feedback. A couple things to note. First, you can grab DoomBots even when their spikes are out. Second, Spikey Spire is currently lvl 4/5 in our alpha to show the higher end of our current difficulty curve. It will likely be repurposed as one of the final levels in our early access release, meaning that there will be 6-9 easier levels you can play before having to deal with that level of challenge.

I hear you that it might have felt like you were holding the rope when you fell multiple times in the final gauntlet. Those 3 ropes are fairly narrow, so it is pretty common to barely miss the grab, especially when you are carefully dodging spikes. It might be worth making the climbing easier at that section so players can focus more on dodging the spikes and less on precisely grabbing the holds. We appreciate you trying out the game and hope you give it another shot with our next update!

lol he finally beat your alpha!

I think I messaged you on unreal discord a while back when you started teasing this and told you how awesome I thought the Idea was! Was a pleasure playing it and will most likely purchase the full version soon!

Great Job!