4/30/18 Update

- Added a new level! Enjoy!

- Added a gameplay settings menu in the overworld to the left

- Added a new HUD element: when you're hit by a hazard, an indicator appears that points to the thing that hit you

- Improved hand hitboxes to make them more accurately match the hand model

- Fixed a bug where hazards could hit you in the areas just off of the sides of your head

- Added visual "whoosh" effect to your peripheral vision while you're falling or flinging, which changes colors from white to blue when you are moving at the maximum speed; we hope this will make it easier to figure out how hard you need to fling in order to hit your top speed

- Overhauled the system that detects when you're standing off-center to be more accurate and intuitive

- Minor bug-fixing, optimization, and quality of life improvements


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May 01, 2018

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